Philosophy behind the New Logo

The new logo of PAHW reflects on the future strategy and policy of housing activities to transform the contemporary media identity of modern-day management in agreement with the current studies presented from the best standards to display our new identity; reflecting PAHW’s mission, vision and mandate.
The logo reflects our design matching the nature of our new phase, that is being adopted towards PAHW’s current and future development plans through our mega housing projects, which in turn, enhances the positive- image with the public, as the changes implemented reflects on PAHW’s success at achieving it’s short and long term objectives.
The logo was inspired from the structure and plan for housing. The lines symbolize the mission, vision and development of our contribution. Our selection of colors within the logo reflect several values: burgundy for PAHW’s momentum, blue reflecting PAHW’s loyalty, faith and confidence, with copper echoing our knowledge and stability.

Monday 20 August 2018


Receiving Building Permits in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak Area

Citizen allocated government plots in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak plan would receive the permits to build their plots as of September 28, 2017. The Public Authority for Housing Welfare established the first phase of the infrastructure execution and allocation of plots for West Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, two months ahead of the deadline confirming the urgency of PAHW in dealing with the housing distribution issue. Furthermore, the completion of the project ahead of time is in the interest of citizens applying for housing care, noting the enthusiasm of the team and the rest of the concerned government authorities in speeding up the completion; in cooperation with the project contractor KCC Engineering and Contracting as the acting agent for Limak – Turkey. Moreover, the project includes 5201 housing units, and is one of the largest projects headed by the Authority; and includes the construction of infrastructure and roads, as well as, public service buildings that have been considered to be ready to serve the citizens in the district in conjunction with citizens’ housing. PAHW stated in a press release that the works of the project were launched on November 25th, 2015 for a period of 730 days. The Authority explained that it has invited bidding for public buildings of the project: 8 kindergartens, 4 elementary schools for boys, 4 elementary schools for girls, 3 middle schools for boys, 3 middle schools for girls, 2 secondary schools for boys, 2 secondary schools for girls, 22 mosques and one Imam residence, 2 healthcare centers, 2 police stations, 2 supermarkets, 10 supermarket branches, 2 social units, and 2 community development centers to ensure the provision of all services to citizens in line with building the housing plots.

Al-Hadab: Automatic linkage between PAHW and the Municipality of Kuwait to complete the certificates of descriptions soon.

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare hosted a delegation from Kuwait Municipality headed by Deputy Director General for Surveying Affairs Eng. Abdullah Asad Amadi to discuss the automatic linkage of certificate transactions. The meeting was held on July 20th 2017, under the chairmanship of Deputy Director General for Applications and Allocation in PAHW: Ahmed Al-Hadab and in the presence of Deputy Diretor General for Distribution and Documentation in PAHW: Fawzia Dashti. Al-Hadab said in a press release; that it was agreed to start the pilot launch of the automated linkage system between the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and the Municipality of Kuwait for one month, during which the employees of PAHW (Distribution Department and Information Systems Center) will be trained to use the system. Once the training is complete, the number of employee users of the system, with certain individuals having the authority to operate the system before the full operational launch. Al-Hadab explained that the Kuwait Municipality team delivered a presentation to PAHW on the automated linkage system; to determine the certificates of descriptions for the real estate registration of the residential units distributed by PAHW. He added that this automatic linkage between the two authorities shortens transactions to facilitate and simplify procedures for citizens, and to activate the concept of e-government and contribute to the integration and coordination between all government authorities for the citizens.


PAHW signed South Sabah Al Ahmad Design Contract

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare hosted a delegation from Kuwait Municipality headed by Deputy Director General for Surveying Affairs Eng. Abdullah Asad Amadi to discuss the automatic linkage of certificate transactions. The Public Authority for Housing Welfare signed a consultancy contract with an international firm to devise a general and detailed plan to prepare the tender documents for the contractors to implement South Sabah Al Ahmad Housing Plan for 24 months starting on August 17th, 2017. The plan is considered to be a major housing project, with an area of 61.50 km2 being 80 km away from Kuwait City and adjacent to Sabah Al Ahmad residential city. The project is expected to contain approximately 25,000 housing units, in addition to, the necessary public services, buildings and other non-residential functions. The Minister of State for Housing Affairs and Minister of Services, Yasser Abul, said the new step is a confirmation by the government of its significance in resolving the housing issue, demonstrated 3 years ago up to today resulting in a remarkable change to achieve improvements guaranteeing the right of future generations to housing services and welfare. He clarified that building and implementing of the cities is imperative to produce the proper remedy in resolving the existing crisis. He pointed out that South Sabah Al Ahmad’s new city contract culminates the last of the 3 planned cities in parallel with the State development plan. Currently, South Mutlaa city is under construction at a total capacity of more than 28,000 housing units, in addition to, the planning and design of the South Saad Al Abdullah project.

PAHW is applying modern sustainability specifications in all housing projects

The Manager of the Design Department at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Eng. Nasser Al-Saeed stressed PAHW's eagerness to apply modern specifications for sustainability in all housing projects, and to apply modern and international standards in this field. Al- Saeed’s participation in the International Conference on Urban Cooling and Heating, voiced that the application of modern specifications of sustainability contributes to the achievement of many plans and future goals. He pointed out that the implementation of these specifications would contribute to rationalization of spending and reduce cost, protect the environment, maintenance of resources and rationalize the consumption of water and electricity in new and future housing projects. Engineer Asma Al-Najjar, Manager of Planning at PAHW, said that PAHW is studying the implementation of the central cooling system within the sustainability systems in future housing projects, after obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities in the country. Al-Najjar added that PAHW is seeking to implement these systems in the South Saad Al-Abdullah project, which will be carried out in partnership between the governments of Kuwait and South Korea to establish the project; using the latest systems and techniques in design and construction. She explained that South Saad Al-Abdullah project will be launched to apply these systems in future housing projects. As for PAHW's participation in the International Conference on Urban Cooling and Heating, Al-Najjar stressed that PAHW seeks to benefit from the international expertise and experiences in this field. The conference will be held for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa region with the participation of the European Heating and Energy Organization, and European specialized organizations and experts interested in energy conservation and sustainability within this sector. The delegation of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, in addition to Al-Saeed and Al-Najjar, includes the Chief Specialist of PAHW Engineer Fatima Al-Hussainan. Doha 2017-10-24

Laws regulating the real estate sector

A joint Kuwaiti government delegation representing the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Justice and the Municipality of Kuwait visited the UAE to review the laws governing the real estate sector and the owners union in Abu Dubai and Dubai. The Deputy Director General for Investment and Private Sector Projects at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, Hadeel Bin Naji, stated to KUNA that the visit comes from the framework of joint cooperation to learn about the most prominent laws, regulations and executive procedures in the field of real estate regulation and selling of plans. She added that the five-day visit included meetings with officials of the Urban Planning Department, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi and a visit to some of the real estate developer projects located in Al Reem, Al-Mariya, Saadiyat and Yass Islands, as well as, meeting with officials of the Land Department in Dubai to observe and take note of the real estate projects. She further affirmed PAHW interest in activating a partnership between the public and private sectors. In addition to, the real estate developers setting a comprehensive vision and detailed study of the housing and investment projects mechanisms carried out to meet the aspirations of citizens in the field of housing welfare and urban development in Kuwait. She expressed hope that the visit will achieve the desired objectives within the framework towards the development of urban planning, infrastructure development and upgrading public services offered for citizens. Bin Naji explained, "PAHW is currently considering to qualify private companies to launch the investment housing project to the beneficiaries of housing welfare through a real estate developer to activate partnership between the public and private sectors." In addition to Bin Naji presence, the governmental delegation included Mrs. Fawzia Dashti, Deputy Director General for Distribution and Documentation Affairs at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and Assistant Undersecretary for Corporate Affairs and Commercial Licensing at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Mr. Ahmed Al-Fares, and the Manager of Real Estate Registration Department at the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, Mrs. Hiyam Al Mahri and Eng. Hisham Al-Balam: Ownership Designation Department Manager from the Municipality of Kuwait, Investment Affairs Advisor and Private Sector Projects at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Nasser Al-Rumaih, and Head of Planning and Technical Support, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ansari, and Head of the Asset and Risk Management Department at PAHW Kawthar Jamal.

Working together towards a sustainable partnership