PAHW Management

A General Manager and Seven Deputies who are appointed for four renewable years under a decree head the Authority. The General Manager represents the Authority in its relations with third parties and before the judiciary. The General Manager is responsible for implementing the policy drawn by the Board. Moreover, the General Manager is in charge of managing the Authority and deciding all matters stipulated under the law or regulations. He may authorize the General Manager Deputies in some of his competences.

Engineer. Bader Ahmed Al- Waqayan

Director General

Deputy Director Generals

Ahmad Mohamed Marzouk Haddab Al-Azmey

Director General for Distribution and Documentation Sector

Salem Thiab Al Enezi

Deputy General Manager for Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector

Engineer Rashid Hadi Al-Anzi

Deputy Director General for Control and Auditing Affairs

Fatima Hamza Abbas Naqi

Deputy General Manager for Applications and Customization(Asssignment)

Naser Adel Ibrahim Khraibut

Planning and Design Sector

Hadeel Abdullateef Khalil Bin Naji

Investment and Private Sector Projects

Amina Abdul Karim Al-Awadi

Deputy Director General for Control and Information Systems Affairs