Frequently Asked Questions

1.When can I start a housing welfare application?

When married.

2.If the husband is not working, can he apply for housing welfare?

Yes, if he is eligible.

3.If I, the husband or wife or son is handicapped. Does my application date apply as priority?

Yes, the application is submitted if the disability of either family member is recognized as handicapped, as per the severity of the disability, housing is issued as follows:

• Severe: 5 years
• Medium: 3 years
• Two or more persons with a disability are considered at intermediate level: 4 Years

4. I am divorced and would like to exclude my wife from the application

The divorcee is excluded from the file of her divorcing husband in the absence of children, or custody, or desire to obtain a loan from Kuwait Central Bank .

5. My file is cancelled or cancelled by the institution and I want to re- register it. Can I do that?

You can re-register the application if you form a family and where there is no real estate property owned by you that provides you with housing welfare; given that you shall not get a mortgage loan to buy housing or build a plot.

6. I have an application for housing welfare and I am currently divorced. I have no children and wish to receive an allocation:

The allocation procedure will be deferred until the formation of a family (at marriage).

7.I got married in 2000 and applied for housing welfare in 2001. I wish to apply for priority to my application from the date of marriage?

The historical priority of the application is calculated only from the date of the housing welfare application submitted to PAHW, provided that it meets all the conditions.

8.I applied for housing care in 1980 and I wish to complete the allocation procedures, what are the next steps?

To complete the allocation process, you must fill in the relevant form that is located in the Citizen Service Lounge. Applications must have all the required forms and documents.

9.If your have a housing welfare application and would like to add one of your family members to the application, such as your mother, what is the procedural steps that should be taken?

You need to submit a letter accompanied by the correct documents indicating that the individual should be included in the governmental or private housing care, and state the reason for requesting the change for further review by a committee to issue an appropriate decision.

10. I have a housing application in 2000 and want to exchange with another person who has a residence application in 1990.

Residential applications are not exchangeable.

11. I am a female Kuwaiti citizen and my husband is a non-Kuwaiti. We had an old application and it was canceled. What is the action taken in our regard given that we are married to non-Kuwaitis.

A Kuwaiti female citizen married to a non- Kuwaiti is eligible for rental government housing.

12. My father died after applying for housing welfare. Can we get priority as orphans?

Yes, priority is given to orphans, especially to families with a minor member, with no property ownership to provide housing welfare.

13. Is a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti or a divorcee of a foreign expatriate eligible for rent allowance?

No rent is paid because there is no application for accommodation.

14. Is rent allowance paid to the Kuwaiti woman divorced from a Kuwait man, in the case that the woman is the custodian for her children?

The rent allowance shall be paid to her with the waiver of the husband, or through a court order.

15. When changing the place of residence is it necessary to inform PAHW?

You are not required to notify PAHW.

16. In the case of divorce, should the institution be informed so that the rental allowance will continue to be paid?

There is no need to report in the case there are children to maintain the rental allowance.

17. Is it permissible for the wife or any other person to request a certificate or receipt of the husband’s housing allowance?

No certificate may be issued to any person/persons other than those mentioned in the housing application.

18. When are you eligible for rent?

Within a month of your application.

19. How rent allowance is paid in case of distribution?

The rent if paid as follows:
• The government plots actually delivered are paid for 36 months plus two months for furnishing, and for the disabled after 36 months plus 6 months for furnishing.
• Government houses spend two months to furnish, and 6 months to furnish the disabled.

20. When is the rental allowance stopped?

• In case of divorce without children.
• In case of receiving a housing allowance for the husband from the employer.
• If the husband owns a property that provides him with residential care.
• In case of obtaining a loan.
• In case of receiving subsidized rental housing.

21. If the housing allowance is less than rent allowance?

If the husband receives less than 150 dinars, the institution is to pays the difference in amount to ensure he receives the full 150 dinars.

22. How is rent allowance paid if the husband is imprisoned?

The wife or child shall be given a written letter from the Central Prison Administration signed by the husband and fingerprinted by him.

23. How is rent allowance paid in case of death of the file holder?

If the family is eligible, rental allowance will be paid.

24. Can the beneficiary change the rental allowance?

Yes, in case of divorce form his divorcee, or in the case of a death.

25. What is the period needed to issue a government housing (plot) ownership deed?

6 Six months from receipt of the government house and for plots; after construction and delivery of electricity supply.

26. Who to is the deed issued?

The deed is issued in the names of the eligible candidates mentioned according to the status of the file.

27. Change of a wife to a divorced woman in the case of distribution?

A copy of the divorce certificate.

28. To add another wife?

Copy of the marriage contract and her civil ID card.

29. A wife gets a Kuwaiti nationality for the case of distribution?

• A copy of proof of nationality (certificate). • Bring her Civil ID card.

30. What are the conditions for exclusion of a divorced woman?

Under the following conditions:
• Incase of a remarriage.
• Loss of custody.
• Application for a mortgage loan from Kuwait Credit Bank.

31. What are the documents required for exchange and assignment?

Please refer back to our website: our services, electronic services, citizen services, application and distribution, change or waiver application.

32. How to exclude children from a father's house?

If the children wish to be excluded, this is allowed only at the time of their marriage, in addition to a new application for housing.

33. If the applicant is working at a remote point or outside the State?

If he does not work, works for the private sector or is abroad for work, he must show a salary certificate or recent study certificate, to verify the children are residing in Kuwait.

34. If the applicant for the allocation is in prison?

He has the right to a government house and a power of attorney may be arranged to complete the allocation procedures if his wife is Kuwaiti with children or without children. If she is a foreigner without sons he shall not be entitled to do so.

35. In case of change of the name by adding or deleting a name?

A copy of a court order in the new and old name is required as proof.

36. Allocation in divorce cases?

There must be children.

37. If the husband is Kuwaiti and married to a non- Kuwaiti, is he allowed to apply for housing or rent allowance?

Yes, he is allowed to apply, if a Civil ID card is issued to the wife. (For those who do not have a citizenship, a social security card or marriage certificate will do).

38. Can a single father, or mother apply for housing and/ or rent allowance?

Yes, if parent is alive. (Meaning the only father/ mother who has no brothers or sisters).

39. If a citizen of Kuwait is married to a Kuwaiti or GCC country, that owns a property, can he still apply for a housing application?

Yes, he can.

40.When will the South Saad Al-Abdullah project be allocated?

Planning and design of the South Saad Al-Abdullah Project by the Republic of South Korea in coordination with the General Organization for Housing Care and follow-up of the removal of obstacles by the competent government agencies.

41.How many housing units in South Saad Al Abdullah?

The project is in the planning and design stage and the final number has not yet been determined.

42.How to receive the plan of the city of South Sabah Al Ahmad?

The project plan can be received through the official website of the institution or through the organization's accounts in social networking sites or received from the Department of Public Relations and Media.

43.What is the latest development of the South Kheitan project?

The distribution of South Kheitan area vouchers has been completed, and the state authorities (Ministry of Works and Ministry of Electricity and Water) are currently upgrading the infrastructure.

44.What is the waiver between residential units?

The assignment is between a housing unit actually received (house, coupon, apartment) with a housing request.

45.Is a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti man entitled to apply for government housing as a rent?

Yes, a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti man is allowed to apply only for rental housing.

46.What is the reason for the interruption of the rental allowance? Whether data is updated or not?

Citizen service or hotline call: 1888840

47.What are the projects that include the law (who sold his house)?

The law of the owner of his house includes government houses only, in the projects east of the city of Sabah al-Ahmad and East of Taima.

48.When is the monthly report published for the completed work?

A press conference is held every first month through the official spokesperson of the Foundation, through which he reviews the Foundation's projects and monthly reports.

49.How to extract a certificate from the Ministry of Justice (Real Estate Registration Department)?

Ministry of Justice Service of citizens in the Siddiq, or the complex of ministries or any branch of the Interior.

50.What are the latest developments in South Kheitan?

The southern Kheitan area has been completed and vouchers are distributed to the citizens, where the concerned state authorities (Ministry of Works and Ministry of Electricity and Water) are currently upgrading the infrastructure.

51.When is the document issued?

The document is issued six months after the power is delivered.

52.How to deliver the document in case of non-editing?

A mortgaged document can be issued if the house, coupon or apartment is required.